What We Do

DECIDE – Research and Engagement is a public opinion research and public involvement firm that offers comprehensive engagement solutions to support the decision-making of our government, private sector and non-profit clients.

These engagement solutions target some or all of the following groups:

  • General public (broad or targeted) – usually called Public Involvement, Public Participation or Community Engagement
  • Stakeholders (broad or targeted) – usually called Stakeholder Engagement or Partner Engagement
  • Employees (broad or targeted) – usually called Staff Engagement or Employee Engagement.

Our Approach

DECIDE approaches engagement using a five-step process. We can be involved in some or all of these phases of a project , but we strongly believe that all successful projects must include:

  • 1. Planning

  • 2. Listening & Learning

  • 3. Analyzing & Evaluating

  • 4. Reporting & Communicating

  • 5. Decide


DECIDE delivers the following products and services using best practice methodologies and techniques:

  • Public Engagement Policies
  • Public Engagement Strategies
  • Public Engagement Plans or Research Plans
  • Delivery and data collection via surveys, focus groups, online tools, facilitated workshops and meetings, and other related methods
  • Analysis and evaluation using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, resulting in a detailed Results Report
  • Interim and Final Public Engagement Reports, for both internal and external use
  • Facilitated decision-making sessions resulting in Recommendations Reports.