What We Do

DECIDE – Research and Engagement offers comprehensive engagement solutions to support the decision-making of our government, private sector and non-profit clients.

These engagement solutions target some or all of the following groups:

  • General public (broad or targeted) – usually called Public Involvement, Public Participation or Community Engagement
  • Stakeholders (broad or targeted) – usually called Stakeholder Engagement or Partner Engagement
  • Employees (broad or targeted) – usually called Staff Engagement or Employee Engagement.
  • Customers (broad or targeted) – usually called Customer Experience (CX) or segmentation

Our Approach

DECIDE approaches engagement using a five-step process. We can be involved in some or all of these phases of a project , but we strongly believe that all successful projects must include:

  • 1. Planning

  • 2. Listening & Learning

  • 3. Analyzing & Evaluating

  • 4. Reporting & Communicating

  • 5. Decide


DECIDE delivers product and service solutions to our clients that are customized to achieve their goals, such as:

  • Market research and exploration studies that can include industry scans and assessments, surveys, focus groups, and customer experience (CX) research.
  • Public engagement policies, strategies, plans, and evaluations.
  • Research tools and applications, with a focus on Online Research Communities.
  • Organizational reviews, structural design, and development
  • Municipal government management and program and policy reviews and evaluations.
  • Government relations approaches and tactics.
  • Business plans and operational improvements for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Facilitated decision-making sessions resulting in Recommendations Reports.

We use best practice qualitative and quantitative research and engagements methods for our projects, and we produce easy to read reports that get right to the point while also including attachments that provide the details you want and need.

Contact us for information about what we can do for you.